River City ,  Bangkok , Thailand

Discovering your very own Venus

In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, desire, beauty, prosperity, fertility, and victory. Even as a goddess, Venus experienced disappointments felt by humans, such as jealousy, loss, and sadness. Over the centuries, Venus has been depicted in the forms of sculptures and paintings such as ‘The Birth of Venus,’ by Sandro Botticelli, or ‘Venus de Milo’ sculpture, which has later become a trademark for sewing equipment. 

Venus in the Shell is presented in four chapters: Forbidden Flower, Moonlight Dive, Mandragora in the Vase, and The Wanderer. Visiting the exhibition, you will delve into the secretive corners of humanity’s fragility, anger, disappointment, love, joy, jealousy, brightness, and darkness. The artist’s wish is that you embrace the reality of life, not just those depicted by the gods. Like the goddess Venus, we are all worthy in our lightness, darkness, and what others might wrongly view as ‘imperfection.’

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The Experience

The exhibition were also meant to explore several technique to create memorable experiences. The artworks were not limited to original paintings but including kinetic sculpture, handcrafted rugs, interactive paintings, interactive tiles wall and also the famous walking tootoo ducks that warm welcoming all visitors to Phannapast’s world of imagination.

Kinetic sculpture

moon and sun in the universe

Handcrafted Rug

moon and sun in the universe

Moonlight Dive Mural Tile Art

by Cotto X Phannapast 

The xxxx hours story of human craft. Inspired by needs to express inner self, the artist exhibits her own worlds through art wall of mural tile where detail of lines and colors have been fine and perfectly kept.