Phannapast Taychamaythakool  (Yoon)

Phannapast is a Thai contemporary artists and designer whose born and raised in Bangkok. As independence artist, Phannapast started her own art and design studio and have been working with numerous clients both international and local. After earned her degree in Fashion Designing at Chulalongkorn University, Phannapast collected her commercial experienced with a Thai fashion house where she worked for 3 years most recently as creative director.When looks at her notably whimsical works where childhood inspirational and nature obsession are portray, Phannapast always hint some message and invites all spectators to step in, explore and deep dive into her world.


As I grow up in a Chinese – Thai family, I always pick up some stories and inspiration from my tradition. For example, the moon festival which I like the most, it has both story from myth and historical sides that is very interesting. 

Folklore & Mythology with a twist

Since I was young, my family liked to tell stories and legends that been told from generations to generations. When I grow up, I discover a lot of books and resources that even more interesting. I’m personally very interested in all myths as it helps me understand human being, way fo life and relationship of each ethnic and their cultures. It also gives me a better picture of how I am in the present day as well.

“ Most of my works reflects myself in different pattern and emotions. I like to tell my personal stories through the works sometimes it just feel like another version of diary.
Friends, partners and so on